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Биологический факультет БГУ - Кафедра биохимии.    

Department of Biochemistry.

Kristina Pristupa.

Assistant of Biochemistry Department. Graduated from the Biochemistry Department, Biology Faculty, BSU in 2018. Scientific interests are associated with the research of activity of antioxidant enzymes (superoxide dismutase, catalase, peroxidase etc.) in transgenic plants Nicotianatabacum under stress conditions.

Mailing address:

Dept. of Biochemistry, Belarusian State University, Nezhaleznasti Av., 4, 220030, Minsk, Belarus.
Tel.: +375 (0)17 209-58-97,
Fax: +375 (0)17 209-58-08,
E-mail: kristina.pristupa@mail.com

Teaching experience:

Department practical courses: Introduction to specialty (biochemistry)

2. Department practical courses:Structural biochemistry

3. Department practical courses:Biotransformation of substances

4. Department practical courses:Fermentative kinetics

5. Department practical courses:Biophysics

6.Department practical courses:Biochemical and molecular biological assessment of food and drug safety

7. Department practical courses:Special Practical

8. Department practical courses: Biochemistry

9. Department practical courses:Engineering Enzymology

10. Department practical courses:Analysis and quality control of medicines

11.Department practical courses: Preparation of recombinant proteins, monoclonal therapeutic antibodies and vaccinesetc.

Selected publications:

1. Study of the activity of antioxidant enzymes and a number of biochemical parameters in the tissues of transgenic plants Nicotianatabacum under stress conditions / TA Kukulyanskaya [et al.] // Modern problems of biochemistry and molecular biology. - 2018. - P. 301-307.

2. Filed in print “Study of the activity of aminotransferases and antioxidant protection enzymes in non-transgenic and transgenic plants Nicotianatabacum” for the 75th scientific conference of students, graduate students and undergraduates of BSU.

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