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Биологический факультет БГУ - Кафедра ботаники.    

Department of botany

Address: Nezavisimosty Ave., 4, Minsk, 220030, Belarus

Telephone: +375(17)2095808

Fax: +375(17)2095808

E-mail: botanybsu.by

Web page: www.bio.bsu.by/botany

Location: 10, Kurchatova str., Minsk, 3d floor.

The Department of botany was founded in 1924. The heads of Department of botany were: professor N.M. Gaydukov (1924-1928); corresponding member of Ukranian SSR Academy of Sciences, professor Y.V. Roll (1928-1934); professor S.P. Melnik (1934-1936); associate professor Z.N. Denisov (1938-1941); professor L.N. Nikonov (1943-1946); academician of Byelorussian SSR Academy of Sciences, the USSR Government prize laureate, professor N.A. Dorozshkin (1948-1971); professor A.N. Ipatiev (1965-1966); professor A.S. Shukanov (1971-1996). associate professor V.D. Polyksenova (1996-2018).The head of Department of botany today is associate professor V.N. Tikhomirov.


2 professors, 9 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer, 2 assistants, 6 laboratory assistants, 1 head of Herbarium.

Professors: V.V. Karpuk, V.I. Parfenov.

Associate professors: V.D. Polyksenova, N.A. Lemeza, V.V. Chernik, A.K. Khramtsov, V.N. Tikhomirov, M.A. Dzhus, Z.E. Grushetskaya, S.G. Sidorova.

Senior Lecturer: O.A. Sheveleva,

Assistants: M.A. Stadnichenko, O.V. Dzjuban,

Technicians: O.B. Stelmakh, E.A. Mitroshina, P.G. Baltzeviych, E.N. Kovaleva, V.A. Lukashevitch, E.V. Mandik.

Herbarium head: S.M. Drobishevskaya.

Main Courses of studies:

1. Algology and Mycology

2. Botany (Plant Morphology, Vascular Plant Systematics, Geobotany)

3. Basic Botany

4. Plant Growing

5. Pharmacognosy

6. Plant and Animal Resources.

Department Courses:

1. Flora and Vegetation of Belarus

2. Introduction to Speciality

3. Molecular Systematic

4. Applied Mycology

5. Plant Ecology

6. Mycology

7. Plant Geography

8. Floriculture with Basic Landscape Design

9. Medicinal Plants

10. Phytopathology

11. Pomiculture and Decorative Horticulture.

Research Activity:

- Modern state of flora and mycobiota estimations (species and population diversity, floristic complex of rare and endangered species) and its dynamics.

- Taxonomic research of plants and fungi “critical” genus.

- Elaboration of methodological ways for diagnostics and plants resistance increase to pathogenic fungi (mycosis causal agents) by sporophyte and gametophyte generations.


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