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Биологический факультет БГУ - Кафедра ботаники.    

Department of Botany.


Associated Professor of the Department of Botany

Born: November 6, 1948, Minsk, Belarus, female

Nationality: Russian

Mailing address: Dept. of Botany, Belorussian State University, Nezavisimosty Av., 4, 220050, Minsk, Belarus

Phone: +375 (0)17 2095854; Fax: +375 (0)17 2125535



1966 -1971: Department of Botany, Biological Faculty, Belorussian State University (Minsk, Belarus)

1971: 5 -year Education Diploma in Botany, with First Class Honours (equivalent to MSc and a professional qualification for teaching in Higher Education).

Department of Plant Immunity, Belorussian Institute of Potato, Vegetable and Fruites (Minsk, Belarus).

Ph.D. in Phytopathology and |Plant Protection. Dissertation title: "Biological characteristics of the causative agent of tomato leaf mould Cladosporium fulvum Cke. in connection with the development methods of plant protection".


1971 – 1987: junior researcher at the laboratory of plant immunity,, Belorussian Institute of Potato, Vegetable and Fruites (Minsk, Belarus)

1988 – 1989: senior researcher at the laboratory of plant immunity, Belorussian Institute of Potato, Vegetable and Fruites (Minsk, Belarus)

1989 - 1996: Assistant Professor; Department of Botany, Biological Faculty, Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus.

1997 – 2018: Head of the Department of Botany, Lecturer; Biological Faculty, Belorussian State University, Minsk, Belarus

2018 – present: Associated Professor; Biological Faculty, Belorussian State University, Minsk, Belarus


1989 – present, Lecturer in Plant Morphology (sinth 1992), Farmacognosia (sinth 1997), Medicinal Plants (sinth 2007), Phytopathology (sinth 1996), instructor of practical course Algology &Micology (sinth 1989), Summer field courses in Algology &Micology. Department of Botany, Biological Faculty, Belarusian State University (Minsk, Belarus).

Faculty lecture/practical course(speciality "biology", "ecology" and "biotechnology")

Plant Morphology (30 h lectures, 28 practicals)

Algology &Micology (28 h practicals and seminars)

Actual problems in biology (for magisters, 2 h lectures)

Farmacognosia (specialities “biology”, “biotechnology”, 8 h lectures, 14 practicals and seminars)

Summer field courses Algology &Micology (62 h)

Department lecture/practical course(speciality “biology”)

Medicinal Plants (24 h lectures, 12 h practicals and seminars)

Phytopathology (24 h lectures, 20 practicals and seminars)

Plant Immunology (for magisters)

Department lecture/practical course (speciality “geography”, “hydrometeorology”)

Entomology & Phytopathology (Phytopathology, 8 h lectures, 4 practicals and seminars)


1994-1996. Develop methods for evaluation and selection of tomatoes and lupins for resistance to Fusarium wilt and provide source material for selection on this basis

1996-2000. Plant and fungy biodiversity of Minsk and its environs

1999. Determine the model of the group of fungi, plants and animals to monitor and inventory not previously studied groups living organisms HNP "Bialowieza Forest"

2001-2005. Flora and fungal diseases of the central part of Minsk upland

2001-2004. The study of induced plant resistance to diseases and abiotic stresses (for example, the culture of tomato).

2006-2010. The current state of biodiversity of plants and fungi as a basis for monitoring vegetation resources of the central region of the Belarusian Ridge

2009-2010. Comparative analysis of Solanum lycopersicum defense reactions induced by fungal and bacterial pathogens and protein virulence factors


2002-2006. To search for new genes for resistance to tomato leaf mould and map them to the genetic map of tomato

2009-2014. Development of technology for marker-related breeding tomato for greenhouse and implementation of agricultural organizations in the Republic of Belarus


Honorary diplomas Byelorussian State Univercity, SSI “Institute of Vegetable” and SSI ” Institute of Experimental Botany” of NAS of Belarus

Information on the results of studies taught placed in the book "Chronicle of vegetable production in Belarus


Biodiversity, biology and ecology of plant pathogens, it population structure, methods of diagnostics plant resistance to pathogens, induction of plant resistance to pathogens.


Sautkina, T.A. Plants reproduction: Practice book for students of Н.04.01.00 «Biology» speciality / Т. А. Sautkina, V. D. Polyksenova. Minsk: BSU, 2001. 48 p. (in Russian).

Shukanov, A. S. Mycology: main concepts and terms / А. S. Shukanov, V. D. Polyksenova, A. I. Stefanovich, A. K. Khramtsov. Minsk: BSU, 2004. 122 p. (in Russian).

Sautkina, T.A. Plant Morphology. Lecture Course. In two parts / Т. А. Sautkina, V. D. Polyksenova. Part 1. Minsk: BSU, 2004, 116 p; Part 2. Minsk: BSU, 2006. 70 p. (in Russian).

Polyksenova, V. D. Mycology. Methods of experimental studying of microscopical fungi: instructor's manual for laboratory for students of biology faculty 1-31 01 01 «Biology» speciality / V. D. Polyksenova, А. К Khramtsov. S. G. Piskun (Sidorova). Minsk: BSU, 2004. 38 p. (in Russian).

Sautkina, T.A. Plant morphology and anatomy. Practice book for laboratory course «Plant Morphology» / Т. А. Sautkina, V. D. Polyksenova, G. I. Zubkevich, V.V. Chernik. Minsk: BSU, 1997.103 p. (in Belarusian).

Shukanov, A. S. Algology and mycology. Summer training course / A. S. Shukanov, A. I. Stefanovich, V. D. Polyksenova, A. K. Khramtsov. Minsk: BSU, 2006. 200 p. (in Russian).

Shukanov, A. S. Algology and mycology / A. S. Shukanov, A. I. Stefanovich, V. D. Polyksenova, A. K. Khramtsov. Minsk: BSU, 2009. 600 p. (in Russian).

V. D. Polyksenova. et al. Phytopathogenic fungi as objects of research students of Botany Department of the Belarusian State University: Problems and Prospects of Teaching botanical sciences at the university. Materials International. Scientific-methodical. Conf. (Gomel, Belarus, 19-20 March 2010). Gomel, 2010. - S. 150-155.


Book and Book chapters:

V. D. Polyksenova Fungal diseases of tomato: pathogens, plant resistance. Minsk: BGU, 2008. 160 pp.

V. D. Polyksenova All about tomatoes. Minsk: Polifact, 1992. – 24 pp.

Dorozhkin N.A., Neofitova V.K., Belskaya S.I., Bondar, L.V., Chekalinsky N.I., V. D. Polyksenova, Nalobova V.L. Methods to improve the stability of crop disease. Minsk: Science and Technology, 1982. – P. 139-151.

Actual problems of phyto- and mycobiota studying: Articles of International scientific-practical conference, Minsk, October 25-27 2004 e. // V. D. Polyksenova et al. (eds). Minsk: BSU, 2004. 314 p. (in Russian).


4 plant patents, 2 process patents


Chairman of the methodological commission Faculty of Biology and member of the methodological commission BSU;

Member of Academic Councils Faculty of Biology and SSI "Institute of Experimental Botany behalf of VF Kuprevich " National Academy of Sciences, Minsk, Belarus;

Deputy managing editor of "Vestnik BSU" (series 2);

Member of the editorial board “Biology. Teaching problem”;

Chairman of the Biology Section of the Scientific and Methodological Council of the Ministry of Education for elementary, secondary and special education;

Bureau member of the Republican Botanical Society;

Member of the National Coordinating Council on herbarium.

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