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The Faculty of Biology. Belarusian State University. English Version.  


Address: 4, Nezavisimost Ave., Minsk, 220030, Belarus

Telephone: +375(17) 209-58-60; +375(17) 209-58-55

Fax: +375(17) 209-58-08

E-mail: maximovabsu.by; geneticsbsu.by

Web page: http://bio.bsu.by/genetics

Location: 10, Kurchatova str., Minsk, 4d floor.

The Genetics Department was founded in 1947 by academician of BSSR АS А.R. Jebrak. The Department was headed by academicians А.R. Jebrak, М.Е. Маkushok, I.А. Orlovsky, N.V. Turbin, professor А.V. Konstantinov, associate professor V.S. Anohina, professor Y.К. Fomichev, professor, corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus О.G. Davydenko. Since 1995 professor, Doctor of Sciences, Otlichnik of Education of Republic of Belarus Natalia P. Maximova is at the head of the Department.

The academic staff of the Department consists of 9 professors, including: 1 full professors, Doctors of Science; 5 associate professors, Candidates of Science; 1 assistant professor, Candidates of Science and 2 instructors. Academic process is supplied by 5 laboratory assistants. Researchers of the Department (1 Doctor of Science and 1 Candidat of Science) and scientists from The Institute of Genetics and Cytology of NAS of Belarus (2 Doctors of Science and 1 Candidate of Science) also actively partake in training.


Professors: N.P. Maximova (Head of the Department).

Associate professors: V.S. Anokhina, S.V. Gloushen, V.V. Grinev, Yu.I. Kazhura, A.A. Khramtsova, A.V. Lahodzich, E.G. Veremeenko.

Senior Lecturer: M.P. Kunitskaya.



Scientists: L.N. Kaminskaya, I.N. Feklistova, I.B. Sauk, L.Е. Sadovskaya, S.S. Zhardetsky, I.V Mojarova, I.А. Grineva, Y.M. Kuleshova, D.V. Maslak, T.L. Skakun, I.Y. Romanchuk, T.V. Romanovskaya.

Technicians: L.S. Kuchko, E.V. Kotova, V.Y. Lagonenko, A.U. Lahodzich, Т.А. Shumkevich.

The Research Laboratory of Cytogenetics of Plants, headed by associate professor, Candidate of Science V. S. Anohina, works at the Department.

The Genetics Department provides studies in the following general special disciplines: «Genetics», «Cytology and Histology», «Evolutionary Theory», «Molecular Biology of the gene», «Producers selection», «History of Biology».

Lectures in the following specialization disciplines are given: «Cell Pathology», «Molecular Genetics», «Special Genetics and Selection of Plants», «Bioengeneering of Plants and Biosafety», «Extrachromosomal hereditary structures of microorganism cells», «Genetic Analysis», «Genome Instability», «Human Genetics», «Basics of Genotherapy», «Metabolism regulation in pro- and eukaryotes», «Genotherapy», «Modern aspects of Genetic analysis», «Molecular Genetics», «Applied aspects of Genetics».

Main directions of scientific aactivity:

— The study of molecular mechanisms of synthesis of biologically active compounds of aromatic nature of microorganisms and elaboration of approaches to the problem of increasing of their productivity with genetic methods, creation of microbial producers, suitable for biotechnological use.

— Molecular genetic analysis of natural plasmids of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, creation of vector systems for molecular cloning and transposon mutagenesis.

— Special genetics of leguminous crops, stress resistance gametic selection, alcaloidity genetics, feature and genetic collection of Lupinus genus and molecular aspects of its evolution.

— Programmed cell death and oxidative stress of plants.

— Natural and artificial microRNAs as triggers of RNA-interference. Search and identification of new microRNAs by means of computer and experimental approaches. Hybrid genes as target genes for artifitial microRNAs. Systems of inducible and constitutive expression of artificial microRNA genes. Lentiviral systems for the delivery of artificial microRNA genes to human cells.

— Tumor cells cytometry, the study of distinctive features of DNA reparation during leucosis.

Textbooks, published by academic staff of the Genetics Department in recent years:

1. Gloushen, S. V. Cytology and Histology. Lectures summary S.V. Gloushen. Minsk: BSU, 2003. 138 p. (in Russian).

2. Grinev, V.V. Human genetics. Course of lectures / V.V. Grinev. Minsk, BSU, 2006. 136 p. (in Russian).

3. Yermishin, A.P. Genetically modified organisms. Myths and reality / A.P. Yermishin. Minsk: «Technology», 2004. 118 p. (in Russian).

4. Yermishin, A.P. Biotechnology, biosafety, bioethics / A.P. Yermishin. Minsk: «Technology», 2005. 430 p. (in Russian).

5. Danilenko, N.G. Worlds of organelle genomes / N.G. Danilenko, О.G Davydenko. Minsk: «Technology», 2003. 494 p. (in Russian).

6. Maximova, N.P. Molecular genetics. Collected problems and tests. Textbook / N.P. Maximova. Minsk: BSU, 2003. 86 p. (in Russian).

7. Maximovа, N.P. Genetics. Part 1. Laws of heredity. Lectures summary / N.P. Maximova. Minsk: BSU, 2007. 136 p. (in Russian).

8. Titok, М.А. Plasmids of Gram-positive bacteria/ М.А. Titok. Minsk: BSU, 2004. 120 p. (in Russian).

Most important scientific and guidance publications of recent years:

1. Michael P. Potapnev, Michael V. Belevtscev, Ludmila G. Bortkevich, Buglova S. E., Grinev V. V., Martsev S. P., Kravchuk Z. I., Uglova T. A., Aleinikova O. V. Serum immunoglobulin G and leukemic cell peripheralization in childhood B-lineage acute lymphoblastic leukemia // Pediatric Blood & Cancer. 2004. Vol. 42. №5. P. 421–426. 58

2. Erenpreisa Je., Ivanov A., Ivanova M., Gloushen S., Cragg M., Illidge T. Micronucleation and chromatin diminution – two methods of the DNA sorting in tumour cells undergoing mitotic catastrophe // Cell Biol. Intern. 2005. Vol. 29. Р.1102.

3. Levchuk А. А., Vasilenko S. L., Bulyga I. М., Titok М. А., Thomas К. М. The characteristic of naphthaline destructive strains of Pseudomonas genus bacteria. // Proceedings of RАS. 2004. V.32. № 2. P. 128–132. (in Russian).

4. Kuleshova Y. М., Маximovа N. P. The determination of antiradical properties of bacterial siderophile pyoverdine Pm // Proceedings of medical-biological sciences 2005. № 2. P. 46–49. (in Russian).

5. Lagodich А. V., Cherva Е. А., Shtanjuk Ya. V., Prokulevich V. А., Fomichev Y. К., Prozorov А.А., Тitok М.А. The creation of vector system for molecular cloning in Bаcillus subtilis and Escherichia coli cells// Мol. biol. – 2005. V. 39.№ 2. p.345–348 (in Russian).

6. Feklistova I. N., Маximova N. P. DАGP-synthase of Pseudomonas aurantiaca B-162 bacteria: activity and synthesis regulation. // Моlecular genetics, microbiology and virology. 2005. № 3. P. 18–22. (in Russian).

7. Sheval Е. V., Kazhura Y. I., Маximova N. P., Polyakov V. Y. Оn cytotoxic effect of herbicide trephlan on Hordeum vulgare L. rootlet cells// Agricultural biology. 2005. № 1. P. 120–126. (in Russian).

8. Sevastsyanovich, Y. R., Titok, M. A., Krasowiak, R., Bingle, L. E. H., Thomas, C. M. Ability of IncP-9 plasmid pM3 to replicate in Escherichia coli is dependent on both rep and par functions // Mol. Microbiol. 2005. V. 57. № 3. Р. 819–833.

9. Аnohina V. S., Маzuko Е. S. The characteristic of vegetable beans intervarietal hybrids in connection with adaptive potential of initial varieties // BSU Herald. Ser. 2 2006. №2. P. 44–48. (in Russian).

10. Kotova Е. V., Sergienko Т. F., Ivanova М. А., Smolnikova V. V., Gloushen S. V., Merkulova I. P., Svirnovsky А. I. The influence of cysplatine on reparation of DNA breakages in human peripheral blood lymphocyte. // Medicinal journal. 2006. № 2. P. 56–58. (in Russian).

11. Chramtsova Е. А., Zhardetsky S. S., Маximova N. P. Indolyl-3-acetic acid synthesis by rhizosphere bacteria Pseudomonas mendocina. The characteristic of regulatory mutants // BSU Herald. Ser. 2 2006. №2. P. 69-73. (in Russian).

12. Titok M., Suski C., Dalmais B., Ehrlich S. D., Janniere L. The replicative polymerases PolC and DnaE are required for theta replication of the Bacillus subtilis plasmid pBS72 // Microbiology. 2006. Vol.152. № 5. P. 1471–1478.

13. Levchuk А. А., Bulyga I. М., Izmalkova Т. Y., Sevastsyanovich, Y. R., Коsheleva I. А., Thomas C. M., Тitok М. А. IncP-9 group Nah-plasmids of natural Pseudomonas strains // Mol. biol. 2006. V.40. № 5. P. 835–843. (in Russian).

14. Voitovich A. M., Yeliseeva K. G., Afonin V. Yu., Novitsky R. V., Kazhura Yu. I. B-3chromosomes in populations of Rana temporaria (Amphibia: Anura) from Belarus // Acta Zool. Bulg. 2006. Vol. 58. № 1. P. 109–116.

15. Маximova N. P., Тitok М. А., Аnohina V. S., Lysak V. V., Chramcova Е. А., Vasilenko S. L., Lagodich А. V., Кunitskaya M. P., Sauk I. B., Zhardetsky S. S., Feklistova I. N., Кuleshova Y. М. Genetic basis of productivity increase of microorganisms and plants // BSU Herald. – 2006. – Ser. 2. – №3.– P. 54-59. (in Russian).

16. Cherepovich V. S., Shahlevich Е.V., Аntonenko Е.V., Lotkova Е.S., Grinev V.V. The modulatory effect of antileukemic drugs on susceptibility of chronic myeloid leukemia cells to cytotoxic lymphocyte// Issues of oncology. 2006 № 4. P. 417–420. (in Russian).

17. Nezametdinova V. Z., Fedorina Е. А., Poluektova Е. U., Тitok М. А., Prozorov А. А. The ability to conjugate and comparative characteristic of large plasmids, contained in natural Bacillus subtilis strains from various regions of East European plain // Microbiology. – 2007. – V. 76, №2. – С. 219-224. (in Russian).

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27. Grinev V. V., Posrednik D. V., Heidenreich O. Mapping of 3’-end of gene-specific human microRNAs. // Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine. – 2011. In press.

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