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Биологический факультет БГУ - Кафедра клеточной биологии и биоинженерии растений.    

Department of Plant Cell Biology and Bioengineering.


Vadim Demidchik


Personal: Dean of the Faculty of Biology








1. Research Interests

- Ion channels, signaling, receptors and electrophysiology
- Stress physiology
- Programmed cell death
- Mineral nutrition
- Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species
- Plant micropropagation and vegetative cloning
- Brassinosteroids
- Charophyte algae, Chlorella and Physcomitrella physiology
- Nanoparticle synthesis and effects on plants and fungi
- Phenomics


2. Address

Department of Plant Cell Biology and Bioengineering
Biological Faculty
Belarusian State University
4 Independence Ave, 220030
Minsk, Belarus
Phone: +375 17 2095934
E-mail: dzemidchyk@bsu.by


3. Education

January 2012
Doctor of Sciences (Habilitation) in “Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Biophysics”
Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus
July 2011
Fellow of High Education Academy (HEA UK), Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Practice, University of Essex
June 1998
Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D.) in “Plant Physiology”
Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus
June 1994
Diploma in “Biology”
Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus


4. Positions held

September 2011 – Now
Head of Plant Cell Biology and Bioengineering
Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus
October 2005 – August 2011
Lecturer, Second Year Organiser
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Essex
January 2000 – September 2005
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge
November 1997 – January 2000
Assistant, Department of Physiology and Biochemistry of Plants
Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus


5. Teaching & supervision

Lecture Courses
Belarus: “Plant physiology”, “Plant cell, tissue and organ cultures”, “Plant mineral nutrition”, “Bio-engineering and protein technologies in plant physiology and agriculture”
Essex: “Physics and physiological measurement”, “Animal and plant biology”, “Biochemistry of macromolecules”, “Life science key skills”, “Cell biology”, “Proteins and regulation of human metabolism”, “Introduction to cardiology”
Cambridge: “Signal transduction”.
40 undergraduate project students and 10 postgraduates
Teaching for schools and colleges
Essex Open Day Organiser 2009-2010
Organiser of Essex Lab Experience Course (2009-2011)


6. Research support grants

About 25 grants from different agencies, including Belarusian Fundamental Research Programmes, Belarusian Fund for Fundamental Research, Russian Science Foundation, EU 7th Framework, BBSRC, Royal Society, RCUK, Leverhulme Trust etc.


7. Academic activities (selected)

- Head of Science and Technology Expert Panel (Department of Fundamental Research, Belarusian Committee for Science of Technology)
- Secretary of Higher Attestation Commission (Section of Experimental Biology, Belarus)
- Associate Editor in Functional Plant Biology, Plant Signaling and Behavior, Frontiers in Plant Biology
- Editing for Nature, Plant Journal, Plant Cell, Plant Physiology etc.
- Reviewer for BBSRC, NSF, EU grants
- National Representative of Belarus in FESPB/EPSO
- Member of SEB (UK)
- Agricultural Degree Periodical Review Panel (2009-2011; UK)
- 30 prizes and awards, such as Best D.Sc. Dissertation (2012), RCUK Academic Fellowship, Thomson Reuters Top 1% Citation in the Field, Most Cited Researcher from Belarus in October 2015 (Research Gate) etc.


8. Publications

about 100, including 20 papers in peer reviewed journals with impact factor > 5.


Selected publications


Papers in peer reviewed journals (selected).


Demidchik V, Shabala S (2017) Mechanisms of cytosolic calcium elevation in plants: the role of ion channels, calcium extrusion systems and NADPH oxidase-mediated ‘ROS-Ca2+ Hub’. Functional Plant Biology. Online ahead of print. DOI: 10.1071/FP16420

Demidchik V, Tyutereva EV, Voitsekhovskaja OV (2017) The role of ion disequilibrium in induction of root cell death and autophagy by environmental stresses. Functional Plant Biology. Online ahead of print. DOI: 10.1071/FP16380.

Tyutereva E.V., Dobryakova K.S., Schiermeyer A., Shishova M.F., Pawlowski K., Demidchik V., Reumann S., Voitsekhovskaja O.V. (2017) The levels of peroxisomal catalase protein and activity modulate the onset of cell death in tobacco BY-2 cells via reactive oxygen species levels and autophagy. Functional Plant Biology. Online ahead of print. DOI: 10.1071/FP16418.

Sosan A, Svistunenko D, Straltsova D, Tsiurkina K, Smolich I, Lawson T, Subramaniam S, Golovko V, Anderson D, Sokolik A, Colbeck I, Demidchik V (2016) Engineered silver nanoparticles are sensed at the plasma membrane and dramatically modify physiology of Arabidopsis thaliana plants. Plant Journal 85: 245-257.

Malachowska-Ugarte M, Sperduto C, Ermolovich YV, Sauchuk AL, Jurášek M, Litvinovskaya RP, Straltsova D, Smolich I, Zhabinskii VN, Drašar P, Demidchik V, Khripach VA. Brassinosteroid-BODIPY conjugates: Design, synthesis, and properties. Steroids 102: 53-59.

Straltsova D, Chykun P, Subramaniam S, Sosan A, Kolbanov D, Sokolik A, Demidchik V (2015) Cation channels are involved in brassinosteroid signalling in higher plants. Steroids 97: 98-106.

Demidchik V (2015) Mechanisms of oxidative stress in plants: From classical chemistry to cell biology. Environmental and Experimental Botany 109: 212-228.

Demidchik V, Straltsova D, Medvedev SS, Pozhvanov GA, Sokolik A, Yurin V (2014) Stress-induced electrolyte leakage: the role of K+-permeable channels and involvement in programmed cell death and metabolic adjustment. Journal of Experimental Botany 65: 1259-1270. doi: 10.1093/jxb/eru004. Impact factor: 5,8.

Demidchik V (2014) Mechanisms and physiological roles of K+ efflux from root cells. Journal of Plant Physiology 171: 696-707. doi: 10.1016/j.jplph.2014.01.015. Impact factor: 2,8.

Demidchik V, Shang Z, Shin R, Shabala S, Davies JM (2011) Receptor-like activity evoked by extracellular ADP in Arabidopsis thaliana root epidermal plasma membrane. Plant Physiology 156: 1375-1385.

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Thompson EP, Wilkins C, Demidchik V, Davies JM, Glover BJ (2010) An Arabidopsis flavonoid transporter is required for anther dehiscence and pollen development. Journal of Experimental Botany 61: 439-451.

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Laohavisit A, Mortimer JC, Demidchik V, Coxon KM, Stancombe MA, Macpherson N, Brownlee C, Hofmann A, Webb AAR, Miedema H, Battey NH, Davies JM (2009) Zea mays annexins modulate cytosolic free Ca2+, form a Ca2+-permeable conductance and have peroxidase activity. Plant Cell 21: 479-493.

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Demidchik V, Sokolik A, Yurin V (1997) The effect of Cu2+ on ion transport systems of the plant cell plasmalemma. Plant Physiology 114: 1313-1325.


Books and chapters.


Demidchik V (2017) Reactive oxygen species and their role in plant oxidative stress. In S. Shabala “Plant Stress Physiology” CAB International. Wallingford. Oxford. pp. 64-96.

Demidchik V (2012) Characterisation of root plasma membrane Ca2+-permeable cation channels: techniques and basic concepts In AG Volkov “Plant Electrophysiology”, Springer-Verlag. Berlin, Heidelberg. In press.

Demidchik V (2012) Reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress in plants. In S. Shabala “Plant Stress Physiology” CAB International, Wallingford. P. 24-58.

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Demidchik V (2006) Physiological roles of plant nonselective cation channels. In F. Baluska, S. Mancuso, D. Volkmann "Plant Neurobiology". Springer-Verlag. Berlin, Heidelberg, New York. P. 235-248.





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