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Биологический факультет БГУ - Кафедра клеточной биологии и биоинженерии растений.    

Department of Plant Cell Biology and Bioengineering.


Elena N. Krytynskaya



Born: Minsk, Belarus

Mailing address: Dept. of Plant Cell Biology and Bioengineering, Belarusian State University, Nezhaleznasti

Av., 4, 220030, Minsk, Belarus.

Tel.: +375 (0)17 209-59-13

Fax: +375 (0)17 209-58-08




2013 Ph.D. in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry; Dissertation title: "Regularities of the pyrethroid insecticides effect on the ion-transport characteristics of a plant cell";
1999-2010 Department of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Belarusian State University, (Post-Graduate Course);
1993-1999 Biology faculty, Belarusian State University, Department of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry; laboratory assistant.


Positions held:

2016 – present: Associated Professor;
2014 – 2016: Assistant Professor


Teaching experience:

Biosensor systems (lecture course)
Xenobiology (lecture course)
Plant Bioelectrogenesis (special practice)
Biosensor systems (laboratory course)
Physiology of Plant (laboratory course)
Xenobiology (laboratory course)


Research interest:

Electrophysiological studies on Nitella flexilis cells
Root growth monitoring of Arabidopsis thaliana under stress
Results of research are presented in 60 scientific publication


Selected publications:

  1. Krytynskaya, A.N. Patterns of the Pyrethroid insecticides action on the ion-transport characteristics of the plant plasma membrane: author. dis. for the degree of candidate of biological sciences: 03.01.05 / A.N. Krytynskaya; Institute of Experimental Botany. V.F. Kuprevich NAS of Belarus. - Minsk, 2013. - 25 p
  2. Kozlovskaya D.V., Krytynskaya A.N. "Analysis of the timing of the formation of Arabidopsis thaliana basal rosette depending on the method of cultivation" / DV Kozlovskaya, A.N. Krytynskaia // Ecobiological problems of the Azov-Black Sea region and integrated management of biological resources: Proceedings of the III scientific and practical youth conference, CFA, Yalta - Sevastopol, September 28-30, 2016 / Ed. S.I. Scar, N.V. Lyamina - Sevastopol: IPTS, 2016. - 107 p.
  3. Develop a scientific basis for obtaining and ways of using plant resistance activators based on carboxylic acids as a means of protecting plants from stressful factors of the environment of an abiotic and biotic nature: R & D report (conclusion). / Bel. state university; hands V.M. Yurin; performer: A.N. Krytynskaya [et al.]. - Minsk, 2013. - 112 p. - GR number 20091944.
  4. Solovey, I.V. Krytynskaya A.N. Effect of exogenous glycine on transmembrane potential difference of Nitella flexilis cells / I.V. Solovey, E.N. Krytynskaia // Proceedings of the IV All-Russian Scientific Conference with international participation “Algae: problems of taxonomy, ecology and use in monitoring” September 24-28, 2018. St. Petersburg, BIN RAS
  5. Matyush, I.D., Krytynskaya, A.N. "The dependence of the growth-inhibiting ability of H2O2 on the level of sucrose in the nutrient medium" / I.D. Matyush, E.N. Krytynskaia // Proceedings of the IV (XII) International Botanical Conference of Young Scientists in St. Petersburg, April 22–28, 2018. St. Petersburg: BIN RAS, 2018. - P.177.

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