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Биологический факультет БГУ - Кафедра клеточной биологии и биоинженерии растений.    

Department of Plant Cell Biology and Bioengineering.


Anatoly.I. Sokolik


The head of laboratory of plant cell physiology, the deputy dean of biological faculty

e-mail: sokolik@bsu.by








In 1968 was graduated from the faculty of physics of Byelorussian State University. Since 1968 on 1971 worked as the assistant to department of electrophysics of the Faculty of physics BSU. Since 1971 – the researcher of Institute of experimental botany Belarusian Academy of Sciences. In 1981 A.I. Sokolik has defended the dissertation of a scientific degree of a Candidate of Sciences (Biology) on a theme «Potassium channels of plant cell plasmalemma at rest». Since 1991 – the senior researcher, and since 1997 – the head of Laboratory of physiology of the plant cells created under department of plant physiology and biochemistry of biological faculty BSU. A.I. Sokolik’s scientific interests lay in the field of studying the problems of ionic transport through plant cell membranes, using a biophysical methods and approaches (electrophysiological, including microelectrode technique with voltage clamp, trace-isotopes, ionometry by means selective electrodes and other). The separate ion transport mechanisms and a system they formed as a whole, their replies on changing the main medium factors: ionic contents, temperature, stress factors, including salinity, heavy metals are under studying. Freshwater alga cells seems to be a very sensitive to the different environmental contamination substances, and the system of natural and industrial waters monitoring, which allows to carry out the quick and automatic analyse of water (or any soluble chemical substances) on bioactivity. After Chernobyl disaster the radioecological problems – radionuclides 137Cs and 90Sr accumulation by plants, first of all by single plant cells, then by roots and the other parts of a plant are studied. The results of the works were published in more then 90 papers and presented on 102 scientific conferences.


Selected publication


1. Demidchik V., Sokolik A., and Yurin V. Characteristics of non-specific permeability and H+-ATPase inhibition induced in the plasma membrane of Nitella flexilis by excessive Cu2+. Planta 212(4) 2001 Mar. -P.583-90.(full text)

2. Demidchik V., Sokolik A. and Yurin V. The Effect of Cu2+ on Ion Transport Systems of the Plant Cell Plasmalemma. PLANT PHYSIOLOGY , Vol. 114, Issue 4, P. 1313-1325. (Abstract)

3.Demidchik V., Sokolik A. Yurin V. Electrophysiological characterization of plant cation channels. In: Plant Electrophysiology. Theory and methods. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heiddelberg.– P.173–185. (full text)

4. Yurin V.M., A.I. Sokolik. Biological control of water and soil pollution based on bioelectrical response of a freshwater algae cell. Fifth International Symposium on Environmental Contamination in Central and Eastern Europe. 12-14 Sept. 2000, Prague, Czech Republic. Proceedings. Prague, 2000, P. 777-784. (full text)

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