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Биологический факультет БГУ - Кафедра генетики.    

Department of Genetics

Vasily V. Grinev

Candidate of Sciences in Biology, Associate Professor,

Scientific Head of the Sector of Human Molecular Genetics.

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Our main research activities are focused on the study of structural and functional organization of the transcriptome of normal and malignant human cells of hematopoietic origin. The list of questions of interest to us includes but is not limited rules of local and global combinatorics of exons during splicing process, determinants as well as formation mechanisms of cellular "images" of full-length mature RNAs and robustness of splicing machinery. We use three main sources of primary experimental data to study of above mentioned questions: our own ("in-laboratory") experimental data, OMICS-data produced by our partners (Laboratory of the Genetic Biotechnology, Department of Research, Belarusian Research Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology, Minsk, Belarus; Genomics Research Laboratory, Department of Oncology, Luxembourg Institute of Health, Luxembourg; Paediatric Oncology & Haematology Group, Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) and public data from different freely available repositories.

The main sources of primary experimental data.


These data are objects of complex analytic pipeline. Our analytical approaches are mainly based on the capabilities of the R programming language and facilities of Bioconductor project (but are not limited).

The main analytical approaches.

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