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Tamara M. Mikheyeva

Tamara M. Mikheyeva

Chief research worker, doctor of sciences.

Phone: +375 17 209-58-03

E-mail: mikheyevatut.by

Curriculum Vitae

She graduated from the biology faculty of BSU (1960). Than she studied in graduate school at the G.G. Winberg (1962-1965). The first scientific work, written in his student days, was devoted to phytoplankton White Sea (1959). She has examined almost from the beginning to the mouth of all the major rivers of Belarus - the Neman, Western Dvina, Dnieper, Pripyat, Svisloch, as well as many lakes, reservoirs and ponds. The result of these studies was the Ph.D. thesis: "Lake phytoplankton and its condition-action features in the reservoirs of different types" (1969). In 1992, jointly published works (410), she defended her doctoral thesis on "The structure and functioning of phytoplankton in the eutrophication of waters. " T.M. Mikheeva, author of "The algaflora Belarus. Taxonomic catalog (1999). Carried out fundamental research algological diversity of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem: Organizing and cataloging algological gene pool (about 3000 species), open over 500 new for the Republic of Belarus, former Soviet Union and the world of science algal species, determining their ecological significance, the first time in the CIS included more than 23 rare species in "The Red Book of The Respublic of Belarus", and 66 species of particular scientific and economic interest, as well as requiring greater attention and conservation algorezervatah; revealed previously unknown patterns in the relationship of phytoplankton with the other components of the biota and the most informative indicators of water quality control, installed signs and patterns of early stages of eutrophication of waters, which can be used to predict the timing of mass "bloom" of algae in ponds and streams. T.M. Mikheeva is one of the authors and the scientific adviser 5-volume edition "Encyclopedia of Nature of Belarus" and the 18-volume edition of the "Belarussian Encyclopedia ", 2-nd and 3- rd edition of "The Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. " With the direct participation of T.M. Mikheeva is published with the 1999 annual issue of the "Bulletin of the ecological state of lakes Naroch, Miastro, Batorino." She is a member of the editorial board of Journal of BSU, a member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Biology and a member of the candidates and doctoral dissertations in the NASB.

The scope of scientific interests:

Taxonomic diversity of algal flora of various aquatic ecosystems, assessment of production capacity of phytoplankton, the structure and the peculiarities of phytoplankton during eutrophication and deeutrophication water

Author of more than 600 scientific papers, including 3 solo and 9 collective monographs.

Main scientific publications:

1.Mikheeva T.M., Ostapenya A.P., Kovalevskaya R.Z., et al. Pico- and nanophytoplankton of freshwater ecosystems. /T.M. Mikheeva. - BSU, 1998. - 196 pp. (in Russian).

2.Mikheeva T.M. The algaflora of Belarus. Taxonomic catalog. / T.M. Mikheeva. - Minsk. BSU., 1999. - 396 pp. (in Russian)

3.Mikheeva T.M., Genkal S.I. Cyclotella comensis Grun. (Bacillariophyta) in the Naroch lakes (Belarus) during the period of its deeutrophication // Algologia. 2006. Vol. 16, № 4. P. 489-497. (in Russian). ( 7,2 Mb )

4.Mikheeva T.M., Kovalevskaya R.Z., Dubko N.V., Sheveleva O.A. Comparison of interannual changes in quantitative indicators of development and functioning of the autotrophic plankton community Svisloch at the present stage // ISEU. Ecological vestnik. 2009. - № 1 (7). P. 93–102 (in Russian).

The list of publications of Т.М. Mikheeva ( 65 Kb)

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