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Биологический факультет БГУ - НИЛ гидроэкологии.    

Staff of laboratory

Alexander P. Ostapenya
 Alexander P. Ostapenya 1939-2012 

Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, doctor of sciences, professor

Curriculum Vitae

In 1961 he graduated from the Faculty of Biology State University and began graduate work at the department of zoology of invertebrates. During graduate school he was sent to the Institute of Biology of Southern Seas, Academy of Sciences of USSR for popular in Soviet-Cuban scientific expedition, where he completed a series of studies on caloric content of plankton in the waters of Cuba and took part in the organization of the Institute of Oceanology of the Republic of Cuba.Thanks to his efforts was further developed scientific direction - Production Hydrobiology, mortgaged his teacher, an outstanding scientist, G.G. Vinberg. In 1968 he defended his thesis "Calorie aquatic invertebrates and energy estimation of suspended organic matter in reservoirs." In 1989 he defended his doctoral thesis on "Seston and detritus as structural and functional components of aquatic ecosystems, in which first settled and proved that seston represented by particles of suspended matter, heterogeneous in composition, age and size, is a single structural and functional unit of aquatic ecosystems and plays a key role in important mechanisms of biotic turnover. A number of his method is widely have come into practice hydrobiological studies. Under the leadership of A.P. Ostapenya created the concept of optimizing the National Environment Monitoring System of the Republic of Belarus (2003).

He is a member of the Council on dissertations in the NASB, a member of the Foundation for Fundamental Research of the Republic of Belarus , the Belarusian National Committee of the UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere, the Interagency Coordinating Council on monitoring and other coordinating and advisory councils, working on the editorial boards of scientific publications.

Currently, A.P. Ostapenya successfully combines teaching, research and organizational activities: reading course "hydroecology" for students of third year of full-time direction of "Bioecology."

For his great achievements in research and teaching A.P. Ostapenya awarded the Medal Skarina (2001), Diploma of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus (1999).

The scope of scientific interests:

Production hydrobiology, the role of seston and detritus in the functioning of aquatic ecosystems

Author of more than 200 scientific papers, including a monograph "Ecological system Naroch Lake" (1985).

Main scientific publications:

1. Ostapenia A.P. et all. Management criteria for lake ecosystems applied to case studies of changes in nutrient loading and climate change // Lakes & Reservoirs: Research and Management, 2003. – Vol. 8. – p. 141-155. ( 1,05 Mb )

2. Ostapenia A.P. et all. Water quality quantification: basics and implementation // Hydrobiologia, 2006. – Vol. 560. – p. 227-237. ( 322 Kb )

3. Ostapenia, A. Parparov, T. Berman Lability of organic carbon in lakes of different trophic status // Freshwater biology, 2009. – Vol. 54. – p. 1312-1323. ( 228 Kb )

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