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Tatiana V. Zhukova

Tatiana V. Zhukova

The head of «Naroch Biological Station named after G.G. Vinberg», doctor of sciences.

Phone: +375 1797 49-3-35

E-mail: zhukovatut.by

Curriculum Vitae

She graduated from Faculty of Biology at Irkutsk State University in 1976. In 1976-77 she was a researcher Laboratory of Hydrobiology of the Pacific Institute of Geography FESC AS USSR (Khabarovsk). Since 1977, employee Naroch Biological Station at BSU. In 1987 she defended thesis for the degree of candidate of biological sciences "The role of nutrients in the biotic cycle and eutrophication Naroch Lake". In 2001 - a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Biological Sciences on the theme "Flows of phosphorus and nitrogen in the boundary layer "bottom-water and their role in the functioning of polimiktic lakes. Since 2002, she is the Head of Training and Research Centre Narochanskaya Biological Station named after G.G. Vinberg" of the biology faculty of BSU.

The scope of scientific interests:

Biotic cycling of nutrients in lake ecosystems

Author of more than 100 scientific papers.

Main scientific publications:

1.Zhukova T.V., Martynova, M.V., Zhukov, E.P. Bottom sediments in the ecosystem Naroch lakes. 1.The internal nutrient load. // Water Resources. - 1990. - № 2. - PP.130-138. (in Russian)

2.Zhukova T.V. The role of biota in the removal of nutrients from the sediments into the water (review). // Gidrobiol. Well. - 1997.- T.33, № 6.- PP.3-14. (in Russian)

3.Zhukova T.V., Ostapenya A.P. Evaluating the effectiveness of environmental activities in the watershed Naroch lakes. // Natural resursy. - 2000. - №3.- PP. 68-73. (in Russian)

4.Zhukova T.V., Babitsky V.A. Assessing the impact of zoobenthos in the flow of phosphorus from bottom sediments into the water in the lake habitats // Gidrobiol. zhurn.-2001. - V.37. №1. - PP. 27-35. (in Russian)

5.Zhukova T.V. Flows of nutrients from the sediments into the water and their role in the formation of the trophic status of lakes Naroch // Gidrobiol. Journ. - 2002. - T.38, № 4. - PP.14-21. (in Ruassian)

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