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31-10-2012, 18:26 # Кафедра микробиологии

PhD in Cell Biology and Genetics in Edinburgh, UK

Supervisor: Professor Hiro Ohkura

The Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, The University of Edinburgh, UK

We are looking for enthusiastic applicants for a 3-year PhD program, who are interested in experimental biology, with a Bachelors Degree in Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology or Microbiology.

Project: Chromosome segregation machinery in meiosis and mitosis.

Genes must be passed on accurately from cell to cell and from parents to children. Failure to do so can be a cause or a contributing factor in human illnesses, such as cancer or reproductive/birth defects.
During eukaryotic cell divisions, cells change their organisation dramatically. Chromosomal DNA becomes highly packaged into compact structures and the spindle made of microtubules is assembled to segregate the chromosomes. Two types of divisions, mitosis and meiosis, share common mechanisms but have critical differences. The project aims to understand molecular differences between structural organisations of chromosome segregation machineries in mitosis and female meiosis in Drosophila. The student will use genomic and proteomic approaches to identify proteins specific for either mitosis or meiosis. Functional studies using genetic analysis and in vivo RNAi will be carried out on both mitosis and meiosis to identify proteins responsible for the differences between their chromosome segregation machineries. The proteins will be further studied molecularly to establish how they interact with other proteins and how they are regulated.
Through the project, the student will run their own project independently, on their own initiative but through close interactions with colleagues in the laboratory and the supervisor. The student will learn and use various experimental approaches to tackle the question, no previous training in these techniques is required.

Further information on the lab, research and publications can be found at http://ohkura.bio.ed.ac.uk.

If you are interested in doing a PhD study in the Ohkura lab, please contact Professor Hiro Ohkura (h.ohkura@ed.ac.uk) by 15 November 2012. Please attach your CV.

Краткую дополнительную информацию на русском можно будет получить в пятницу 2 ноября в 15 ч. 30 мин в 304 ауд. от Песнякевича А.Г. или у него же в другие дни, если поймаете.

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