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Биологический факультет БГУ - Кафедра микробиологии.    

Department of Microbiology.

Vladimir A. Prokulevich

Vladimir A. Prokulevich

Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences
Head of Microbiology Department since 1989

Professional Biography:

Born in 1949 in the Primorye Territory, Russian Federation

1975 – PhD in Microbiology, Belarusian State University, Minsk

1985 – Head of the Sector of Phytopathogenic Bacteria Genetics in the Laboratory of Experimental Biology, BSU, Minsk

1989 – Doctor of Biological Sciences, Scientific Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Industrial Microorganisms, Moscow, Russia

1995 – Professor

Scientific interests:

- genetics of phytopathogenic microorganisms;

- molecular plant-microbe interactions;

- construction of genetically modified organisms;

- interferons and their actions;

- development of antiviral and antimicrobial veterinary preparations, etc.

Teaching experience:

Lecture courses:

Fundamentals in biotechnology

Biotechnology: problems and practice

Several special courses for students, specializing in Microbiology and Biotechnology

Key publications:

1. V.A. Prokulevich, A.F. Bilinskiy U.K. Fomichev, Recombination in E. coli K-12. Recombinants analysis for НfrН after crossing of АВ1157 // Theoretical and applied genetics researches, 1975, p. 200-208.

2. V.A. Prokulevich Transformation of Erwinia sp. with E. coli K-12 F'1ас plasmid // Genetica, 1978, Vol.14, No. 11, p. 1892-1899.

3. V.A. Prokulevich, A.N. Evtushenkov, U.K. Fomichev Regulation of extracellular endopectatliase synthesis in Erwinia chrysanthemi ENA49 // Molecular Genetics, Microbiology and Virology, 1984, No. 8, p. 26-30.

4. V.A. Prokulevich, N.A. Belyasova, S.F. Kamara, A.M. Kulba, U.K. Fomichev Role of Tn1000 F'1ас-plasmid transposition in Еrwinia chrysanthemi chromosome in the formation of Hfr-donors // Genetica, 1985, Vol.21, No. 11, p. 1787-1793.

5. V.A. Prokulevich, V.V.Lysak, U.K. Fomichev Mapping of bacteriocinogenicity locus in Erwinia chrysanthemi ENA49 // Molecular Genetics, Microbiology and Virology, 1988, No. 5, p. 24-26.

6. V.A. Prokulevich, U.K. Fomichev Expression of Erwinia chrysanthemi ENA49 uvr-gene in E. coli cells // Molecular Genetics, Microbiology and Virology, 1988, No. 9, p. 24-26.

7. V.A. Prokulevich Organization of Erwinia’s chrysanthemi genome // Doctor of Biological sciences thesis, 1989, Moscow.

8. V.A. Prokulevich, U.K. Fomichev Genetic control of virulence of pectolytic phytopathogenic Erwinia // Molecular and genetic mechanisms of plant-microbe interactions, 1989, p. 116-122.

9. A.A. Prozorov, E.U. Poluectova, O.V. Lotyreva, V.Z. Nezamendinova, M.A. Titok, Y.V. Selezneva, V.A. Prokulevich Isolation and characterization of a small and large cryptic plasmids from Bacillus subtilis //INTAS Symposium Proceeding book. Moscow Dialogue-MSU. 1999. p.42-43.

10. M.A. Titok, S.D. Ehrlich, L. Janniere, V.A. Prokulevich The characterization of REP-regions of type plasmids of Bacillus // Molecular mechanisms of genetic processes and biotechnology // 2001, p.168-169.

11. Y.V. Selezneva, A.N. Evtushenkov, A.M. Kulba, V.A. Prokulevich Isolation and characterization of Erwinia herbicola with altered synthesis of carotinoid pigments // Molecular mechanisms of genetic processes and biotechnology // 2001, p. 137-138.

12 M.A. Titok, D. Halpem, S.D. Ehrlich, V.A. Prokulevich Analysis of Rep-regions of plasmids in Bacillus // Phys. and chem. metods in biology, medicine and environment // 2001, p. 20-22.

13. M.A. Titok, J. Chapuis, Y.V. Selezneva, A.V. Lagodich, V.A. Prokulevich, S.D. Ehrlich, L. Janniere Bacillus subtilis soil isolates: plasmid replicon analysis and construction of a new theta-replicating vector // Plasmid, 2003, Vol. 49, No. 1, p. 53-62.

14. A.V. Lagodich, E.A. Cherva, Y.V. Shtanyuk, V.A. Prokulevich, U.K. Fomichev, A.A. Prozorov, M.A. Titok Construction of the vector system for molecular cloning in Bаcillus subtilis and Escherichia coli cells // Molecular biology, 2005, Vol. 39, No. 2, p. 345-348.

15. M.I. Patapovich, E.A. Nikolaichik, V.A. Prokulevich Cloning and expression of chicken interferon alpha gene in E. coli cells // Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of The Republic of Belarus, 2009, Vol. 53, No. 2, p. 72-75.

16. V.A. Prokulevich, V.V. Shmanai, V.T. Lisitsin Interferon-based preparation // EurAsEC Patent No. 200901011.

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