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Биологический факультет БГУ - Кафедра молекулярной биологии.    

Department of Molecular Biology.

Alina M. Khodosovskaya

Alina M. Khodosovskaya

Associate professor, department of Molecular Biology.

Phone: (+37517)2095898,

Fax: +375(0) 17 209-58-08

E-mail: hodosovskayabsu.by

Graduated from Belarussian State University, the faculty of biology, department of biochemistry. Was a postgraduate student at the department of Molecular foundation of ontogenesis of A.N.Belozersky Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Bioorganic Chemistry, M.V.Lomonosov Moskow State University. Received the degree of Ph.D in biochemistry, M.V.Lomonosov Moskow State University, 1987. Dissertation title: “Studies of correlation between DNA methylation and forming of chromatin structure at DNA replication in L-cells”. On graduating from MSU has working in the laboratory of biochemistry of Institute of Radiobiology National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the sphere of scientific interests - morphofunctional effects of ionizing irradiation at male rat reproductive system. Since 2003 - associate professor, department of Molecular Biology, BSU.

Teaching experience:

Department lecture courses:
“Molecular fundamentals of ontogenesis”,
“Introduction to molecular biology”,
“Molecular biology”,
“Molecular fundamentals of developmental biology”.

Faculty laboratory courses:
“Introduction in biotechnology”,

Scientific interests:

Molecular characterization of phytopathogenic oomycete Phytophthora infestans and search of antifungal agents to this pathogen.

Results of research are presented in about 70 scientific publications.

Selected publications:

1. Khodosovskaya A.M., Isaeva L.B., Smirnova T.A., Manamshyan T.A., Kiryanov G.I., Vavyshin B.F. Peculiarity of newly synthesized chromatin formed at undermethylated DNA // Izvestiya Acad.Sci. USSR, Ser. Biol. 1986. No 6.P. 868 – 873 (in Russian).

2. Kiryanov G.I., Smirnova T.A., Manamshyan T.A., Khodosovskaya A.M. Internucleosomal interaction: detection of dinucleosomal fragmentation of chromatin by micrococcal nuclease. Analysis of products of rat liver chromatin nuclei and L-cell cleavage by micrococcal nuclease // Biochimiya. 1987. Vol.52, No 11.P. 1655 – 1866 (in Russian).

3. Kiryanov G.I., Smirnova T.A., Manamshyan T.A., Khodosovskaya A.M. Internucleosomal interaction:dinucleosomal heterogeneity and localization of. histone H1 // Biochimiya. 1987. Vol.52, No 12.P. 1983 – 1989 (in Russian).

4. Vereshchako G.G., Khodosovskaya A.M., Konoplya E.F. The influence of chronic gamma-irradiation at functional state of some radiosensitive and radioresistant tissues of rat’s organism // Doklady Acad. Sci. Belarus. 1997.Vol.41, No 1. P. 79 – 83 (in Russian).

5. Vereshchako G.G., Khodosovskaya A.M., Konoplya E.F. Biochemical changes in mammalian testes after irradiation // Biology Bulletin Rewieves. 1998. –Vol.1, No 5. P.630 – 644 (in Russian).

6. Konoplya E.F., Kapitch A.N., Vereshchako G.G., Khodosovskaya A.M., Rutkovskaya Zh.A., Gvozdkova T.S. Radioprotective properties of lipocaratinoid extract from mycelium of basidiomycetes fungus at the external irradiation // Radiat. Biolog. Radioekologiya. 1999. Vol.39, No 2-3. P. 277 – 281 (in Russian).

7. Konoplya E.F., Vereshchako G.G., Khodosovskaya A.M., Bulovatskaya I.V., Artemenko O.V. The state of reproductive system and liver in male rats fractionally exposed to low doses as well as in their progeny // Radiat. Biolog. Radioekologiya. 2003. Vol.43, No 2. P. 221 – 222 (in Russian).

8. Konoplya E.F., Vereshchako G.G., Khodosovskaya A.M. Radiobiology. Encyclopedic dictionary. – Gomel: Gomel State Medical University, 2005. 252 p. (in Russian).

9. Evtushenkov A.N., Zheldakova R.A., Rus' O.B., Khodosovskaya A.M. Virology. Methodical recommendations to laboratory . Minsk: BSU, 2006. 47 pp. (in Russian).

10. Khodosovskaya A.M., Rus' O.B. Training course for the student-biotechnologists (elaboration of the Molecular biology department of Belorussian State University) // High school. 2008. № 5. P. 61-63 (in Russian).

11. Khodosovskaya A.M., Evtushenkov A.N. Molecukar diagnostics of phytopathogenic oomycetes Phytophthora infestans // Genetics and biotechnology in XXI century. Fundamental and applied aspects: Proc. Internat. Scientif. Conf., 3-6 Dec 2008, Minsk. P. 269 – 271.

12. Khodosovskaya A.M., Rabets I.A., Kulik E.V., Lagonenko A.L., Evtushenkov A.N. Detection of expression of some crn-family genes of Phytophthora infestans, capable to induce defense reaction in tomato // Theoretical fundamentals of application of biotechnology, genetics and plant physiology in modern plant selection :Proc. Internat. Scientif. Conf., 29 June-8 July 2009, Bryansk-Minsk-Warsaw.

13. Introduction in biotechnology: practical work / Authors. O.B. Rus', А. М. Khodosovskaya. – Minsk : BSU, 2011. – 99 p (in Russian). (PDF - 2,1 Мб)

14. Molecular fundamentals of ontogenesis: tutorial / А. М. Khodosovskaya. – Minsk : BSU, 2014. (in Russian) (PDF - 451Мб)

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