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Биологический факультет БГУ - Кафедра физиологии человека и животных.    

Department of Human and Animal Physiology.

Anatoly Georgievich Chumak

Anatoly Georgievich Chumak


Born: March 29, 1956, Pinsk, Belarus, male

Nationality: Belarusian

Mailing address: Dept. of Physiology, Belarusian State University, Nezhaleznasti Av., 4, 220030, Minsk, Belarus.

Tel.: +375 (0)17 209-58-72, Fax: +375 (0)17 209-58-08,

E-mail: ChumakAbsu.by

Chumak Anatoly Georgievich – head of Department of Human and Animal Physiology, Belarusian State University, head of Laboratory of Physiology of Functional Systems, Institute of Physiology, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Dr. Sci. in Biology, professor. Was born in Pinsk (Brest region) in 1956. After leaving secondary school, in 1973 has arrived and in 1978 graduates School of Biology, Belarusian State University. Since 1978 worked at Institute of Physiology, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, consistently occupying posts from younger to the leading scientific researcher. In 1990 has defend Ph.D. thesis «Modulating reflex influences afferent impulses on sympathetic efferent activity and a small intestine motility», in 2003 D.Sc. thesis «Mechanisms of sympathetic enteric reflexes and nitric monooxide role in their realization». Head of Human and Animal Physiology Department since 2003.

Faculty lecture/practical course (specialities "biology", "ecology" and "biotechnology"): «Human and animal physiology», «Physiology of endocrine system».

Departmental lecture/practical course (speciality "biology"): «Physiology of autonomic nervous system».

The basic direction of scientific activity is the physiology of autonomic nervous system. Together with the supervisor, correspondent member of NAS of Belarus, prof. V.V. Soltanov, with application of electrophysiological and pharmacological methods he analyzed a functional role of small intestines afferent systems in norm and at some pathological conditions. Existence of modulating influences of small intestine afferent systems on formation sympathetic efferent alarm systems to experimentally proved at a natural motility. A.G. Chumak reveals representation of sensitive nervous fibres, of a gastroenteric path, in dorsal horn of spinal cord, brake action neurons is proved the given area on realization of sympathetic reflexes. In a number of publications for the first time has been proved the mechanisms of excitation of receptors and sensitive fibres of intestines and a skin at action on them of natural and damaging stimulus caused NO. Also has experimentally proved participation of this signal molecule in short circuit processes visceral painful reflexes at level of the central nervous system. Materials of this cycle of works promote creation of conceptually new theoretical approaches in diagnostics and treatment of those diseases of intestines which are accompanied by a painful syndrome.

Joint articles with professors V.S. Ulashchik, V.A. Kulchitsky and V.V. Soltanov about involving NO in effects of excitation of skin receptors linearly polarised light, are included in «Anthology light therapy» (Kiev, 2010). Last years under its management are intensively investigated the mechanisms of a spinal cord forming activity of a sympathetic nervous system and visceral pain. Involving NO, glutamate, GABA and glycine in exciting and brake effects on sympathetic neurons is proved. A.G. Chumak is a member of various advisory councils, editorial boards of several scientific journals. Repeatedly supervised the scientific themes which are carried out under tasks of the State complex scientific programs, Ministry of Education and Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research, together with collaborators from Institute of Physiology of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and Institute of Physiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The author of more than 140 scientific publications.

Since 2007 is the Chairman of Republican Public association «Belarus society of physiologists».

The basic publications:

Soltanov V.V., Chumak A.G.sympathetic the nervous control of impellent activity of a small intestine// Fiziol. Zhurn.. of USSR. - 1990. - V.76. - №1. - P.127-132.

Chumak A.G. Reaction neurons of substantia gelatinosa of spinal cord at activation of intestinal mechanoreceptors. Proceeding of Belarussian Acad. Sci. - 1994. - No 1. - P.83-87.

Chumak A.G., Chichkan D.N., Ulashchik V. S. Influence of polychromatic polarised light on afferent activity in skin branches of somatic nerves// Bulletin of experimental Bio. Med. - 2000. - V 130. - No7. - P.14-16.

Chumak A.G., Chichkan D.N., Ulashchik V. S, Soltanov V.V., Kulchitsky V.A. Role nitric monooxide in modulating influences of polarised light on afferent activity in skin branches of somatic nerves// Bulletin of experimental Bio. Med. 2000. - V 130. No8. - P.140-143.

Gurin V. N, Azev O. A, Chumak A.G. Influence sodium nitroprusside and L-NAME on electric activity in oblong brain at a short-term cerebral ischemia. Psychopharmacology and biological narcology. 2002. No 3-4. P.383-384.

Chumak A.G. Method of activity research afferent systems: a practical work //Minsk: BSU, 2008.

Rutkevich S.A., A.G.Chumak. Glutamat- and NO-ergic mechanisms are involved in synaptic plasticity of sympathetic spinal mechanisms //Works of the Belarus State University. A series «Physiological, biochemical and molecular bases of functioning of biosystems. - Minsk, 2007. - V.2.- P.65-77.

Rutkevich S.A., A.G.Chumak. Influences somatic afferent fibres on activity sympathetic efferent neurons / Bulletin of the Belarus State University. A series 2. - Minsk, 2008. - N1. - P.59-63.

Chumak A.G., V.F.Sagach, S.A.Rutkevich, K.M.Ljuzina, G.T.Maslova Contribution NO-ergic processes in formation tonic activity sympathetic efferent fibres at modelling hyperglicemia // News of medical and biologic sciences. Minsk, 2008. - N 1-2. - P.55-61.

Rutkevich S.A., T.V.Karavay, A.G. Chumak. A.role neuroactive amino acids in intercellular interaction neurons in horn of a spinal cord // Works of the Belarus state university. A series «Physiological, biochemical and molecular bases of functioning of biosystems». Minsk, 2008. - V 3. - P.30-42.

Rutkevich S.A., Polenov S.A. Chumak, A.G. , Kulchitsky V.A. Features impulses sympathetic efferent fibers of the abdomino-aortic nerve after intrathecal injection of substrate and inhibitor of NO-synthase, "Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine" - 2009 .- V. 147, N 3 .- P.249-254.

Karavay T.V., Chumak A.G. Simpatoinhibitor action phenibut in a model of ischemia - reperfusion of the small intestine // News of Biomedical Sciences. 2010. V.1. N 2. P.153-157.

Rutkevich S.A., Chumak A.G. Activation of Latent Efferent Sympathetic Fibers in Viscero-visceral Reflex Circle under Conditions of Visceral Pain in Rats //J. Neurophysiology – 2006. – Vol.38, №4. – С.368-369.
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