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Биологический факультет БГУ - Кафедра физиологии человека и животных.    

Department of Human and Animal Physiology

Galina Sergeevna Polukhovich

Galina Sergeevna Polukhovich


Born: May 7, 1955, Minsk, Belarus

Nationality: Belarusian

Mailing address: Dept. of Physiology, Belarusian State University, Nezhaleznasti Av., 4, 220030, Minsk, Belarus.

Tel.: +375 (0)17 209-58-06, Fax: +375 (0)17 209-58-08

E-mail: gs_polukhovichmail.ru


1962-197: Secondary School № 35, Minsk, Belarus
1972-1977: School of Biology, Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus (5-year Education Diploma in Physiology);

Positions held:

1977-1996: She worked at laboratory of problems of thermoregulation.
1997-2004: assistant; from 2005 - senior lecture of the Department.
From 2002 she is a secretary of the Department.
For many years she has managed the issue of faculty newspaper «Vita».

Teaching experience:

Department lecture/practical course (speciality "biology"): Cardiovascular Physiology.
Рractical course: Human Anatomy, Human and Animal Physiology

Research interest:

Physiology of the heart and it,s protecting from the ischemic-reperfusion damage.
She is the author of more than 60 scientific and methodological studies.

Selected Publications:

1. Polukhovich G.S., Kostyik V.A. The approach for using some pharmacological agants during myocardial reperfusion. Vestnic BSU. Seria 2. 1997, № 1, p.34-38.

2. Kostyik V.A., Potapovich A.I., Tsaryuk V.V., Sidorenco A.V., Polukhovich G.S. Flavonoid metal complexes and their application aganst oxidative stress. In: «Book of Abstracts of the Second International Symposium on Natural antioxidants: Molecular Mehanisms and Health Effects».- Bejing China. 2001.- P.25.

3. Kostyuk V.A., Potapovich A.I., Strigunovf E.N., Kostyuk T.V., Polukhovich G.S.Flavonoids metal complexes may act as SOD mimics: application in vitro and in vivo. In: Biomarkers and invironment (An interdiscimlinaryJournal of the Charles university – faculty of medicin plzen), 7th International Symp. on Chelating Agtnts in Biomedicin, Toxicology and Therapeutics. July 8-11 2004, Pilzen, Chech Repablic. 2004, №2, v.8, p.32.

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