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Биологический факультет БГУ - Кафедра физиологии человека и животных.    

Department of Human and Animal Physiology

Ljudmila Nikolaevna Semeyko

Ljudmila Nikolaevna Semeyko


Born: July 3, 1954, Minsk, Belarus, female

Nationality: Belarusian

Mailing address: Dept. of Physiology, Belarusian State University, Nezhaleznasti Av., 4, 220030, Minsk, Belarus.

Tel.: +375 (0)17 209-58-06, Fax: +375 (0)17 209-58-08.


1972-1977 School of Biology, Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus (5-year Education Diploma in Physiology and a professional qualification for teaching in Higher Education, June 1977);

Positions held:

2005-2010: Senior lecture (Department of Physiology, Biological faculty, Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus)
1994-2005: Assistant (Department of Physiology, Biological faculty, Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus)
1979-1994 Scientific Associate of Belarusian Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Minsk, Belarus

Teaching experience:

Department lecture/ practical course (speciality "Psychology”): Neuromuscular physiology (24h lectures, 8h of practical training);

Faculty laboratory* courses (specialities "biology", "ecology" and "biotechnology"): Physiology of human and animals (60h of practical training and 8h of seminars);

Department practical course (speciality " Physiology "): Neuromuscular physiology (50h of practical training);

Supervising Professor for yearly projects and graduation thesises.

* - for each group of students

Research interest:

Neuromuscular physiology, electrophysiological characteristics of neuromuscular function in normal and at a pathology in humans.

Results of researches are presented in more then 40 scientific and 6 methodical publications.

Selected Publications:

Semeyko L.N., Podsadchik L.V. Diagnostic value of stimulational electromyography at children with traumatic damage of a brachial plexus at birth // Abstract-book: Treatment of diseases of nervous system on health resorts of Belarus, Minsk. – 1994. – P.8. in Russian)

Dudko A.S., Shalatonina O.I., Novozhilova L.A., Semeyko L.N. Bioelectric activity of masticatory muscles at prosthetics on tooth // Novoe v Stomatologii. – 1994. – No. 3. – P.24-27. in Russian)

Grishenkova L.N., Oleshkevich F.V., Semeyko L.N.., Dulub O.I. Spinal cord trauma: modern conceptions about mechanisms of damage, regeneration and ways of their correction // Voprosy neirohirurgii im. Burdenko. – 1997. – No. 2. – P.37-44. in Russian)

Semeyko L.N. Electrophysiological estimation of the motor centers state of a cervical thickening of a spinal cord at traumatic damage // Book: Structure of neurotraumatological aiding at a spinal trauma, 4 June, 2004. – Minsk, 2004. – P.117-120. (in Russian)
(Pdf - 144 Kb)

Semeyko L.N., Shalatonina O.I. H-reflexes anterolateral muscles of leg at healthy people // Book: Neuroscience: theoretical and clinical aspects, Donetsk-Slavyansk (Ukraine). – 2008. – P.58. (in Russian)
(Pdf - 111 Kb)

Semeyko L.N., Shalatonina O.I. Electromyography criteria at a trauma of C6 vertebra // Book: Signal mechanisms of physiological functions, Minsk. – 2007. – P.237-241. (in Russian)
(Pdf - 787 Kb)

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