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Биологический факультет БГУ - Зоологический музей.    

Zoological museum of biological faculty BSU

Zoological Museum of Belorussian State University, is one of the oldest scientific and educational centers of Belarus. It carries out the basic functions of teaching and research units of scientific division of biological faculty. Zoological museum solves problems of preparation specialists-biologists, provides qualified service for students, promotes ecological formation and popularization of ideas of wildlife management, zoology, taxonomy, morphology, zoogeography, ecology and other disciplines.

Main activities:

  • Acquisition, storage and scientific processing of zoological collections, improving of an exposition part.
  • Carrying out scientific research in the systematics, zoogeography, museum business.
  • Providing advice on taxidermy, conservation techniques of zoological objects, diagnostics of species diversity of animals.

Address: 4, Nezavisimost Ave., Minsk, 220030, Belarus
Telephone: +375(17)2095813
Fax: +375(17)2095814
E-mail: zoomuseumbsumail.ru
Web page: http://www.bio.bsu.by/zoomuz/
Location: 10, Kurchatova str., Minsk, 1st floor.

Presentation: download (Pdf - 8 Mb)

Zoological Museum was founded in 1921 on the initiative of the head of the department of zoology, professor A.V. Fedjushin (1891-1972). The formation of extensive zoological collections preceded the expeditions of A.V. Fedjushin on Belarus and the Kola Peninsula in 1921-1928 of the last century. Zoological objects collected during this period were used at first as a demonstration material for employment of students, and then served as a basis for the establishment of Zoological Museum at the department of zoology.

A.V. Fedjushin

Founder of Zoological Museum Fedjushin A.V. (1891-1972)

The collection fund of a museum is the largest meeting of zoological objects in republic and totals over 70 thousand units. Preserved objects of fauna of the planet (stuffed, wet preparations, skeletons, derivatives, prints of ancient forms) are demonstrated in eight exhibition halls. The total number of storage units includes 4500.

Pre-revolutionary zoological objects are preserved in museum, there are unique exhibits collected throughout the decades, by graduates of the biological faculty and employees of the museum in various expeditions and trips. As part of zoological collections there are 260 species listed in the Red Book of the CIS countries and the world.

Зоомузей. Историческая экспозиция Зоомузей. Зал беспозвоночных животных. Зоомузей. Рептилии и рыбы. Зоомузей. Зал птиц.
Зоомузей. Зал со слоником. Зоомузей. Зал со скелетами. Зоомузей. Зал с костями. Зоомузей. Фрагмент экспозиции.
Fragments of the exposition of the of the basic departments of Zoological museum (2011).

Individual exhibits of departments of fish, reptiles and birds

Чучело щуки. Чучело глазчатого морского окуня. Чучело шипохвоста украшенного.
Чучело хамелиона. Чучело птиц ... Чучела султанок
Чучело африканского марабу. Чучело большой белой цапли. Чучело розового фламинго.

Fragment of the exposition hall of mammals

Чучело бурого медведя. Чучела шимпанзе.
Чучело гамадрила. Чучела ... Чучело шакала. Чучело броненосца.

Чучело ушастой совы. Чучело белки.
Unique exhibits animals-albinos Asio otus and Sturnus vulgaris

Скелеты непарнокопытных.
Fragment of the exposition of osteological department

An exhibition fund was replenished by rare species of animals over the last decade. There are the red wolf, wandering albatross, the hyacinthine macaw, a chimpanzee, as well as many tropical insects and several other, analogues which aren't present in natural history museums of Belarus. In addition, the museum has a large number of fossils have long disappeared from the planet's surface and unique exhibits of XIX-XX centuries, for example, a collection of albinos and mutants with unnatural coloring of covers.

The museum was moved to a new building in 2001, where the exposure and depository were substantially increased on total area of 1080 м2. The construction of landscape and ecological dioramas was started, which will allow to show the rare and endangered animals of the world fauna in natural surroundings. Services to visitors of the museum, taxidermy restoration and decoration works are carried out to 7 employees.

Сотрудники зоомузея в 2007 году.
Employees of Zoological Museum
(left to right) front row: Mindlin G.A., Pisanenko A.D., Vorobyov V.N.;
second row: Sahvon V.V., Morozova L.V., Mityanin A.A., Duchits I.V. (2010).

Nowadays, the museum is visited annually by 10-12 thousand people, not only pupils and students, but researchers of several foreign countries. Throughout the period of existence Zoological Museum holds a tremendous job in promoting the ideas of nature protection and as a center of education in the environmental field, is deservedly popular among the population, not only residents but also visitors to the capital.

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